Women Tattoo Designs

Girl posing with various beautiful tattoo designs.Are You Looking for Popular Women Tattoo Ideas that Work?

Nowadays, tattoos are being recognized as a great fashion not only for men, but also for the opposite gender who love to embed beautiful women tattoos on their skins.  This article aims to focus on female tats that are lovable for women, that they feel hard to resist as a way of enhancing their beauty.  Women in all walks of life are generally known to be delicate and endowed with great feminine features that are attractive to men.

This is the reason why female tats are usually made beautiful and smaller. Comparing with men, female tats are embedded on specific parts of their bodies while men can have tattoos on their entire body.  Another difference in comparison with men, women’s tats are usually light and mild.  The most popular locations of these tats for women are on their lower back, calves, hip, upper arm, shoulders, behind the neck, feet, ankle and the hidden part of their wrist.

In selecting a women tattoo for your skin, you should think of being creative and original.  You should prefer to choose a Simple female symbol design.tat design that fits your own personality or shows something about yourself.  Remember that when you get a tattoo, it should be your personal preference.  There are ladies who desire to have large and bold tat designs, while others want to embed smaller types and delicate ones.

Here are some great feminine tat ideas for you to adopt.  First is the Female Symbol which is considered very powerful in symbolizing the planet Venus.  At the same time, it is a strong reflection of your strong conviction to feminism.  In the case of Flower Symbol, you can make it in any color and size according to your desire.

You can ink this kind of women tattoo on your back, arm, shoulder, ankle or foot.  You can have a small one embedded on any place of your body with butterfly tattoo designs.  If you want to personalize it, you can create a special color combination, and include your initials on it.  Referring to the Dragonfly tat design, it is an amazing design that is associated with some fairy tales.

Japanese butterfly tattoo designs.
It may be simple in appearance, but its visual impact is immense.  If you want to make it attractive, you can have it in different bright colors.  You can be sure that it would look eye-catching if you engrave it on your wrist, foot, back or neck.  Now, we come to the Egyptian or Asian tats which would really look beautiful with gray or black color, when placed on your arms or at the back.

Egyptian tattoo design on girl's half back.

Women are fond of creating dynamic tat ideas which they want to have firsthand.  This is the reason why cute women tattoos have gained an immense popularity these days like the Fairy design which would look pretty on your shoulder or neck.  This tat reflects your peace-loving nature for having a quiet life, and it is the symbol of youth as well.

Blue sitting fairy tattoo design.
In the case of Star tattoos, they are simple, yet cute tat designs.  They possess a powerful meaning regardless of any culture or religion.  You can be sure that they would look amazing when you ink them on your arm or behind your shoulders.  The next popular tat for women is the Heart tat which is considered a symbol of love and the human soul.

A large nautical star tattoo design inked on girl's neck back.
Still in the list of women tattoos that are hard to resist is the Dolphin tat which has something to do with a generous protector.  Generally speaking, these tat designs don’t mean anything except for fun and enjoyment, but sometimes, they are being associated with virtues such as being playful, happy, having a free spirit, etc.  As joyful creatures, the dolphins are related to joy and prosperity.

Blue dolphin tatoo design with tribal line.
You’ll find them very attractive if you place them around your ankle, bellybutton or arms.  Another in the list is the Celtic knots design which has always been considered a timeless fashion.  Speaking of Butterfly tats, they are acknowledged as one of the most favorite tat designs for women, especially young girls.

Celtic symbol tattoo design on girl's belly.
Among the beautiful women tattoos that you can search online, the butterfly signifies freedom, change, and physical transformation in life, owing to the development of the butterfly from the stage of being larvae.  You can have these tat Yellow shooting star tattoo design.designs placed on any area of your body.  As with Nautical Star tats they are also known as cute tats for girls which are small in size.

These nautical or 5- pointed stars were utilized by sailors during the olden times as a reliable guide to get the right direction at sea.  Today, it is more popular as a guiding light for people wearing them during difficult times.  They can either be done in a lone 5-pointed star or as a group of stars.  If you have been searching for simple-looking tats for girls, the Vine tats will surely fit you.

These kinds of women tattoos are mostly done on your legs, back, rib cage, wrist, ankle, etc.  You can engrave Vine tats with designs that are taken from grapevine, cherry blossom, etc.  If you want to make your tattoo more artistic in appearance, you can incorporate butterflies or flowers.  Having Cartoon Characters on your body inspired from your popular cartoon shows is becoming a prominent cute sister tat idea nowadays.

Girly Ankle vine tatoo design.

You can have a cute bug’s bunny with a carrot in its mouth, or Bart Simpson showing off his great skills in skateboarding.  Cute Mickey cartoon tattoo design.Another design that you can consider is Mickey Mouse having sunglasses at the lower back area of the body.  You can also choose from other well-known cartoon characters like Wonder Woman and Wednesday which belongs to Adams Family.

Aside from having these great women tattoo ideas, you also have the option to create your own tat image that you think fits your personality.  There are a lot of choices for you to choose from for these tat designs, but remember that before you engrave a tattoo permanently, think deeply about the right design that you want for your skin, after all, you’ll have this women tattoo in your lifetime.