Cool Female Tattoos

This cool tiger lily with stars tattoos are becoming popular and famous nowadays.With the fast-rising growth of tattoos nowadays, it’s not surprising that cool female tattoos are becoming popular in this modern culture.  The tat industry has a lot to offer for tat enthusiasts who would certainly appreciate their glamorous and enchanting qualities.  If you are interested to embed female tats on your body that would look cool, you can get sufficient tips and information from reputable online tat galleries.

Some of the cool tat designs that you can find in website galleries of female tats include attractive flower designs which look very feminine and pretty. Some examples of these are tropical flowers, roses, hibiscus, lotus, tiger lily, cherry blossom and rosebuds.  Other very famous tats include fairy tats whose origin is traced from Celtic mythology.

These hottest female tattoos are usually small, pretty creatures which have wings and possess superpowers like the very popular “Tinkerbelle” fairy. Aside from this, zodiac signs are also fast-growing in popularity since a lot of women across the globe have a firm belief on it, and crave to have them shown on their skins.

Woman with an attractive fairy tattoo on her hip is dancing at the centre.

Other unique tats that are also sought after by tat enthusiasts are Hebrew designs, Mexican, tribal and Maori designs.  Some of the most interesting symbols of tat designs that will always be popular in tat galleries include Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese and Polynesian writings.  Usually, religious women prefer to get tats related to Hinduism or Christianity along with their corresponding signs.

The cool Maori tattoos are embedded on sexy bikini woman's upper arm, upper back and lower back.

Cool female tattoos such as Scorpion Designs, Gang tats which are tied- up with Vietnamese blood, yakuza marks, shamrock tats like clovers, and signs of Japanese Mafia are becoming popular for a lot of women these days. These tats are very much desired by women because of their simple and small design that makes them the favorite in the list of other tattoos.

A realistic scorpion tattoo is etched on woman's left hand in the tattoo parlor.

Fantasy tat designs such as gothic tats, skull, moon and sun tats, as well as tiger tats are also following the line.  Cute tat designs such as swallow, heart designs like flaming hearts, and butterflies are the latest chic designs available now.  Tattoos of angels such as angel wings tats, guardian angel tats and angel devil tats are also gaining an immense popularity among young women.

The skull can also make attractive female tattoo ear design.A lot of tat enthusiasts worldwide also consider flowers as popular female tattoos for women, ‘though the early forms of floral tats were etched by men.  Dragonflies, fairies, butterflies, and other harmless images that are delicate are mostly inked on women.  However, there are women who shun the idea of having a kind of tat which is exclusively feminine in nature, and prefer to embed tats that are also commonly seen on men.

Tattoos such as designs of Harley Davidson which are categorized as biker tats, prison tats such as barbed wire, Polynesian armbands and Hawaiian armbands were all treated as masculine designs before, but now, even the opposite sex are also fascinated with these categories of designs.  Cool female tattoos designs which belong to the old school category such as cherry tats, pin-up girls, sparrow and swallow tats, as well as nautical tats are also winning the hearts of women.

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