Cute Female Tattoos

A small and cute flying dove with a tiny heart tattoos are embedded on girl's left hip.As more women are becoming in love with tattoos, cute female tattoos are now hitting the jackpot.  These tat designs have increased their popularity among women as there seems to be lesser barrier now between men and women as far as tats are concerned.  However, in the case of placement of tattoos, women seem to be less attracted now to fancy tats etched on the lower back.

Instead, they seem to be interested now on other places of their bodies to embed their tats.  There are other places indeed, so, women are no longer restricted to simply stick to the old standards of placing their tats on the lower back.  With the presence of the internet, placing attractive and cute tats on your body is no longer a problem as before.

Woman placing attractive and cute muffin with cluster of stars tattoos on her blade.

The best placement of cute female tattoos depends on every person, since all individuals have different tastes and standards.  The trial and error means of doing it is one option, but the problem is that when the design that you have picked fades away as a fad, or you simply don’t like it anymore, you will surely encounter problems in the removal or covering of your tat.

Unfortunately, this kind of tat has been subject to over-exploitation that is why it has lost plenty of its charm and attraction with the passage of time till 90s.  But now, you can have your tat placement areas at the nape or back of your neck which is considered as a very sensitive area of your body.

A cute and awesome little Geisha tattoo can make attractive female tattoo lower back design.

In the case of the Japanese Geisha, they used cute female tattoos by having streaks of their skin shown on this area that is covered by white make-up which they applied on their face and neck.  This seems to be strange with the prevailing styles in this modern culture, but it is a fact that the area at the back of your neck has always been considered appealing.

Another nice place to embed your female tat design is at your upper back.  This area is quite effective and practical since you can simply cover it by a t-shirt, or you can easily expose it to people whenever you like it.  Moreover, compared to your neck, this area possesses a wider scope since it has a larger canvass, and that your tattoo can be made beautiful and intricate.

Woman with small butterfly tattoo on blade is standing in front of the mirror.

Aside from the nape, your hips are also considered sensitive regions of your body to ink cute female tattoos.  Since this area was not popularly used to engrave tats during the past years, then, you could utilize it now to make your tat placement modern.  You can either opt to have a small tat on your hips or a big one on only one hip.

If you believe that a woman’s ankle is considered a very attractive portion of the body, then, embedding a female tat design on this area could accentuate the beauty and appeal of your feet including your shoes.  Other places of your body where you can show-off your beautiful cute female tattoos include the wrist, thigh and ankles.

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