Meaningful Small Women Tattoos

The small black tribal butterfly tattoo is embedded on girl's foot.Nowadays, small women tattoos are very popular among women because of their feminine look.  Many women use these kinds of tats to hide a blemish or birthmark on their skins.  Small tats for women are also popular because there are some who feel uncomfortable with big tats that occupy the entire leg or hand.  In general, small tats are more applicable for such types of women.

In the case of tribal tats for women, they are done in big sizes ‘though there are also small tribal tats available in tat parlors and online tat galleries.  They are usually embedded on the lower waist, bicep or ankle.  For these kinds of tats, you can find a wide variety of options available in the tat market for you to choose from.

Girl etching the tribal flowers tattoo design at the back of her ear.

The most popular designs of these small women tattoos are the tribal rose tats, tribal clover bow, Chinese tribal tats, tribal cross tat, and tribal butterfly tats, among others.  You’ll be amazed to find out that all these designs are very elegant and you can easily look for them.  Moreover, every design has its corresponding significance and meaning just like the cross tat which signifies the user’s spirituality.

Rose tribal tats symbolize respect and beauty, and aside from these tat designs, typical tribal tats for women are also available.  Before, tats were worn exclusively by men, but in these modern times, more women are inclined to etch them on their bodies.  Now, you’ll notice that women have become daring like men speaking of tattooing and modification.

The small and nice red flower tattoo design is pierced on ear's back.

A lot of modern women prefer to have full back, sleeves, or other big designs, but there are also some who want cute women tattoos that are simple and subtle.  When it comes to first-timers in tattoos, they would certainly opt for something delicate and small, and prefer them to be engraved on areas of the body that can be covered immediately if needed.

Another thing is that there are companies that do not allow visible tats for their employees, so, smaller designs are more practical because you can easily conceal them.  Just keep in mind that the beauty and sexy look of smaller tat designs depends on the right tat placement areas of your body.  Some ideal areas include the top of the breast, under the lobe of your ear, belly button, hip, nape of the neck, pelvic region, wrist, top of your shoulder, foot and ankle.

The sexy bikini girl piercing a tiny cute red heart ear her navel.

Remember not to place a small women tattoo design on a large space of your body because often, it will look like as if it is suspended in space and so, it will just appear unattractive.  If you follow these guidelines, you can certainly make your tat stand out and be the center of attraction.

To help you create a perfect tat design, here are some tips for you to consider.  A beautiful single flower like rose, daisy, cherry blossom, lily, etc. can make an attractive design.  You can also opt for small cute animal design, a Japanese or Chinese symbol, zodiac symbol, sun, fish, heart, star, fairy, angel, cross, butterfly or dolphin for your small women tattoo.

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