Sexy Girl Tattoos on Side

Wearing jeans woman's left side was pierced with Japanese cherry blossom tattoo.Sexy Girl Tattoos on Side

Inking a tattoo anywhere your body is already something that hurts, and you can even have a more painful experience if you embed girl tattoos on side.  In fact, there may be no other areas of your body that can match the pain that you will experience in side body tattooing.  If you want to know how much does it pain to get you a side tattoo, imagine a person slapping you with a rolled-up towel on your side.

Imagine also when you’re pinched by someone on your side.  Once you know how it hurts, then, you can multiply that a hundred times coupled with a burning sensation with some bee-stings and you’ll realize how it feels to etch a girl tat on your side.  Considering that the structure of your side is made-up of bones, piercing it to get a tattoo causes severe pain.

Since no amount of fat is present there to protect your nerves, when the tat artist starts tattooing girl tattoos on side,  that’s the time that you will realize how painful it is to have it.  But if you’re really decided to obtain your side tat, then, go get it and just don’t forget to buy a painkiller first before you get inside the tat studio.

The sunglasses girl shows her tree side tattoo design on the ground.

While reading this article, you’ll come across some side tats for girls that are popular nowadays including those that are feminine in design. These side tats include butterflies, zodiac signs, candy-bars, earth wind and fire, baby names, boyfriend names, constellations, stars and flowers.  When you have embedded your side tat, keep in mind that the most interested person to see your tat is someone wearing the same thing.

Many of the girls today prefer to have masculine tats for their girl tattoos on ribcage which include pictures of their husbands or boyfriends, and perhaps photos of their kids printed on their left and right sides.  Do you still remember the time when you saw the 1st girl stamped with a Gothic lettering along with a sweet artistic design at the middle of her back that looked so cute?

Girl embedding the colorful cluster of stars side tattoos at the tattoo parlor.

These days, side tats for girls make people interested to see what’s in there on your side as you lift-up your shirt a little bit while you’re sipping a glass of soda in a bar or night club.  The public would be very curious especially the opposite sex, to know what those prints on your side are all about.  Don’t you like that?

One thing good about getting girl tattoos on side is that plenty of space and air are available to accomplish it.  The tat artist doing the job won’t have any problem looking for a clear and clean canvas to engrave your piece of fantastic tat on side.

The sexy and attractive crane tattoo design is pierced on girl's right side.

Some of the most popular tat designs for your sides are those that can be wrapped around on your whole body showing both the commitment and passion of what tattooing really is.  One of the favorite of girls in choosing girl tattoos on side is the very famous design of hands.

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