Sexy Pin Up Girl Tattoos

The sexy pin up girl tattoo is embedded on pink cloth girl's left upper arm.Pretty girls wearing fashionable pin up girl tattoos are always in the limelight of fashion; they never fade away.  The sexual definition of a pin up girl is one whose picture cannot be resisted by a man to put on the wall of his bedroom because of its physical attraction or sexuality.

When you see the photo or poster of a pin up model or dancer, you’ll determine that it is owned by a famous woman wearing a kind of lingerie or sexy clothing in a very tempting or striking pose.  Usually, pin up girl tat designs are portrayed by glamorous actresses or international models.

These pin up girl tattoos are also taken from paintings, drawings, and other visual graphic designs that portray the erotic and sensual natures of females.  You’ll find these pin up pictures of sensual women in newspaper and magazine clippings which have been produced later in numerous quantities.  Images of pin up girls were photos of Hollywood celebrities who were more popular as sexy and fashion symbols.

Woman's right back was tattooed with a standing pin up girl design.A good example of a pin up girl tat that is considered classic was that of Betty Grable.  Her attractive poster was frequently displayed in the lockers of soldiers during the 2nd World War.  On the other hand, pin up tat girl designs are traditional tats that are not distinctive.  People embed them only for artistic reasons.

Other guys approach their tat artist to create pin up girl tattoo designs that contain images of glamorous actresses or models.  The popularity of pin up girl tat designs rose-up during the 2nd World War where you can see them mostly in soldiers’ quarters.  Other famous celebrities who were featured as pin up girls were Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Davis and Marie McDonald.

If you want a kind of tat design that is artistic, you can consider embedding a pin up girl tat design.  You can adopt the pin up girl tat of the 50s where you can find various choices of actresses and models to choose from.  These types of tats can be made in 2 different styles as you can read below.

Wearing black T-shirt girl had a red dress pin up girl tattooed on her upper arm.You can select the pin up girl tattoos design of a girl who is standing in a straight position wearing high heels with her backside leaned in a forward direction, and her head looking upwards.  This tat would even look great if you embed it on your calves or forearms.  A good example of an old school type of pin up girl tat is one which targets the legs.

You can draw her legs positioned high up in the air wearing high heels, while she is in a lying or sitting position, or her legs are crossed with high heels.  Keep in mind that her legs are the main focus of your tat design.  The appropriate placement areas on your body include the upper arm, thigh areas and upper chest.  Pin up girl tattoos are so popular nowadays because they are associated with female empowerment and beauty.

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